Smart Home: EU certificate reinforces consumer security

DWH AG, am Jan 16, 2019 4:51:49 PM

Consumers in the European Union will be better informed about the security measures on their networked devices. Negotiators from the European Commission, the member states and the European parliament decided on a certificate for this purpose in the early hours of Tuesday morning. According to René Pernull from DWH AG, this is an important step towards widespread use of the Smart Home.

Manufacturers must provide detailed information

More and more household appliances are connected to each other in the “Internet of things”. However, there are no unified Europe-wide standards regarding the security of these products. Parliament reported to the media that manufacturers will soon have to provide detailed information on IT security. Additionally, they will have to disclose exactly how long security updates would be made available.

For companies, this also means that the multiple testing procedures in different countries will no longer be necessary. Approval costs will also reduce. The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security in Greece will have sole responsible. However, certification will continue to be voluntary for the time being. The EU Commission has yet to review whether there should also be compulsory regulations. The agreement should enter into force in the coming weeks.

DWH AG: “Smart Home is the future of living”

“This certificate improves consumer security”, said René Pernull, managing director of DWH AG. “With unified security standards, we will come one step closer to having Smart Homes nationwide. The secure and reliable networking of household appliances and services is the future of living."

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