DWG AG: Success on the Vienna Stock Exchange

DWH AG, am Feb 11, 2019 12:32:00 PM

Deutsche Werte Holding AG (DWH AG) was registered on the Vienna Stock Exchange on the 21st January 2019 with the market sector ‘Direct Market Plus’, continuing its successful trajectory. New investments are planned.


Photo: © Vienna Stock Exchange, René Pernull from DWG AG (5th from the right) at the launch event in Vienna. On the left: Stock Exchange CEO Christoph Boschan.

The Austrian Stock Corporation Act was amended at the beginning of the year. Since then, the Alpine Republic has allowed bearer share trading on the third market. This means that young companies now have better opportunities to establish themselves in markets not regulated by the EU. Two new market sectors were created for this: ‘Direct Market’ offers entry options to start-ups and smaller SMEs above all. ‘Direct Market Plus’ is open to selected top performers.

DWH AG has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since December 2017. In past years, their successful stock price performance attracted attention on the ‘Mid Market’, one of the two forerunners of the new segment. As a result, the Berlin-based company had the chance to start on the new ‘Direct Market Plus’ from day one. A total of eight companies were approved at the end of January.

DWH AG: New investments planned

“A key advantage of Vienna over any other stock exchange location is the excellent price-performance ratio”, said René Pernull, DWH AG executive board member. The support of competent partners is particular advantageous for young companies. A ‘Capital Market Coach’, for example, already supports the listing with guidance and resources - e.g. on how to write ad hoc announcements correctly. “Additionally, the Vienna Stock Exchange AG stands out with its sophisticated marketing. Not to mention that Vienna offers excellent opportunities to young companies to establish contacts and build sustainable networks”, Pernull said.

Based on its success on the Stock Exchange, Deutsche Werte Holding AG now envisages new investments in corporate shares and properties and expects further growth.