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In the following, we have compiled for you detailed information on our investor relations activities and the business development of Deutsche Werte Holding AG. Our offers are directed primarily at private shareholders, institutional investors, and analysts – and, of course, all those interested in the business evolution of DWH.


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DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG invests in real values. This includes investments in medium-sized companies from the European economic area with visible development potential as well as residential and commercial real estate in sought-after locations with a focus on selected A and B cities.

After an intensive due diligence, DWH AG acquires a significant stake in medium-sized companies. The focus is on market players that have a recognisable development potential and influence Europe as a business location. In times of digital, social and ecological transformation processes, we regard corporate investments as an investment in the future. At the same time, we are always aware of the responsibility of our actions as investors. For this reason, DWH investments are made under the slogan 'Promoting real values'. This refers to substantial, crisis-proof business models that generate real added value for the population in Europe. Our commitment to renewable energies is only the first step towards fair, clean working and production processes for tomorrow's economy.

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Basic information on the DWH Deutsche Werte Holding share:

Number of shares: 49.500.000
Share capital in EUR: 49.500.000
Share type: Bearer share
Stock exchanges: Wiener Börse; London Stock Exchange ETR
Market segment: direct market plus
Designated sponsor: ICF Bank

Listing partner: Wiener Privatbank SE
Symbol: DWH
Reuters: DWH.VI

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Corporate dates

Key dates of all kinds are announced in binding form eight weeks in advance.

Dates from the year 2018:

  • Publication of the half-year financial statement 2018
    Date: 18.09.2018  
  • Dividend payment date
    Date: 07.09.2018  
  • Cut-off date for dividends
    Date: 06.09.2018  
  • Ex-dividend day
    Date: 05.09.2018  
  • General meeting for the financial year 2017, Berlin
    Date: 30.08.2018
  • Cut-off date for the general meeting
    Date: 20.08.2018 
  • 20. April 2018
    Location: Berlin
    Subject:Publication of the annual financial statement 2017
  • 27. Februar 2018
    Location: Berlin
    Subject: Ongoing review of a real estate portfolio

Dates from the years 2013–2017::

  • 06. Dezember 2017
    Location: Berlin
    Subject: Start of trading of DWH shares on the Wiener stock exchange
  • 29. November 2017
    Location: Berlin
    Subject: General meeting for the financial year 2016
  • 14. September 2016
    Location: Berlin
    Subject: General meeting for the financial year 2015
  • 8. Januar 2016
    Location: Berlin
    Subject: Change of the executive board
  • 13. Januar 2015
    Location: Berlin
    Subject: General meeting for the financial year 2014
  • 25. Juli 2014
    Location: Berlin
    Subject: General meeting for the financial year 2013
  • 22. Mai 2013
    Location: Berlin
    Subject: General Meeting for the financial year 2012

Financial Reports

You can download our last financial report as a PDF here:

Jahresabschluss 2018

Prüfungsbericht 2018


Corporate Governance

Essential elements of a practiced corporate governance culture are high transparency for all shareholders and the sustained increase of corporate value. This includes an efficient collaboration between all corporate bodies, the safeguarding of shareholder interests, and an open communication.

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Ad hoc-News

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