The heart and guiding light of our corporate philosophy is our strategy “Invest in real value”.

Deutsche Werte Holding AG

The team at Deutsche Werte Holding AG is made up of skilled and experienced economists, solicitors, and bankers.

Against this background of finance and economics married to legal experience, DWH enjoys a very strong position in all relevant holdings fields. This expertise finds its perfect complement in a profound understanding of the capital markets, resulting in the optimal analyses of the holding companies and assets we manage.


Corporate holdings

Following a meticulous due diligence procedure, DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG purchases a significant dominant interest in SMEs, primarily of German stock with clear potential for development.
Then, in its capacity as an active owner, DWH joins forces with the european enterprises towards raising the operative performance, tapping into new markets, optimising the corporate structure, and improving corporate governance. DWH can then offer the boards of the holding companies the active collaboration of industrial experts in implementing these value adding measures.
Real estate investments
Together with its subsidiaries, DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG has set itself the target of becoming a fully integrated real estate enterprise.

Joining forces with its Group and partners, the parent company DWH represents the entire value creation stream for real estate. The arising synergies help to achieve the efficiency, cost optimisation, and quality assurance in the interests of the shareholders.

The comprehensive DWH knowhow is applied in the daily business operations of project development, revitalisation, marketing, administration, and real estate trading.

The Investment Story (Real Estate)

The focus is on German residential and industrial estate with sustainable, above average ROI. The following presents some details specific to our selection criteria:

  • Investment category: Long term holdings in residential and industrial estate in the Core, Core+, and Value Added classes
  • Region: Focus on A and B cities in Germany
  • Business model: Intensive asset management focus and diversification of the industrial estate portfolio
  • Acquisition criteria: B locations in A cities and A locations in B cities; good demographic trends; underinvested and empty stock; above-average gross purchase FFO; strong, shares based NAV and FFO growth potential
  • Conveyances: Sale of real estate that no longer corresponds to the investment criteria and/or shows no further potential for growth
  • Management: Experienced management team and CEO well versed in real estate and capital markets
  • Pipeline: EUR 50m in due diligence, continuous screening, and the setup of an acquisition pipeline

Deutsche Werte Holding AG – Our KPIs 

The company’s nominal capital takes the form of owner equity shares, each individual certificate entitling the holder to a calculated EUR 1.00 of the nominal capital. The nominal capital of EUR 49.5m has been paid in to the full amount.
The management board is empowered, following the consent of the supervisory board, to raise the nominal capital by issuing new owner equity shares in return for cash or payment in kind either once or more than once by 29 August 2023, but by no high than EUR 24.75m.
Capitalisation (18.11.2019)
Share Capital
Approved capital increase
“This is about two values that have been effectively smothered by the business hype of recent years: common sense and common decency.”

Daniel Eric Joerin