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At DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG, we have set ourselves the target of investing in real value. Our corporate policy is based on investments and holdings in residential and industrial estate and SMEs with clear potential for development – in other words, rock solid and real value!

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DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG concentrates on the acquisition of company shares and real estate.

Investments focus, for instance, on holdings in sound european SMEs and high appeal residential and industrial estate in the Core, Core+, and Value Added segments in German conurbations and selected mid sized cities. The company pursues a strategy of active inventory management and consulting towards utilising the full value-adding potential of real estate and enterprises, at the same time securing sustainable rental revenue.  

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Also the market for residential and industrial estate is profiting from the encouraging trends in the German economy, with the associated influx of many employees and students from abroad. In response to the high demand, the developments on the real estate market are undergoing a highly dynamic evolution, and investment volumes are peaking at record levels. For quite some time now we have been training our sights not only on inner city locations in the Top 7 cities, but increasingly also on specially selected B cities and A city environs. The attractions are the stable home and office rents, and therefore the high, and above all stable ROI.

Sustainability is an issue that is finding resonance with a growing number of firms. However, most of these interpret sustainability as a 100% environmental thing. We, though, understand a little more under sustainability: a rock solid, diversified portfolio of high appeal corporate holdings as well as of residential and industrial estate whose potential is being utilised to the full extent by sustainable asset management. In this respect, DWH observes and respects the increasingly important socioeconomic standards.

We must do business that is fair to all involved – because only business of this kind can work over the long term.