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At DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG, we have set ourselves the target of investing in real value. Our corporate policy is based on investments and holdings in residential and industrial estate and SMEs with clear potential for development – in other words, rock solid and real value!

It is important to act both economically and ecologically to maximize returns while taking ecological factors into account - keyword: renewable energies.

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DWH Deutsche Werte Holding AG concentrates on the acquisition of company shares and real estate.

The investment focus includes, on the one hand, investments in solid, medium-sized companies active in the renewable energy sector in the European economic area and, on the other, attractive residential and commercial properties in German metropolitan areas. The company pursues a strategy of active inventory management and consulting towards utilising the full value-adding potential of real estate and enterprises, at the same time securing sustainable rental revenue.  

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Renewable Energies

Deutsche Werte Holding is strengthening its commitment to the renewable energy sector. In Germany alone, the phase-out of nuclear and coal energy will create a supply gap of several hundred gigawatts if there is no timely investment in alternatives. Currently, fossil fuels account for around 50 percent of local supply capacities. For us, it is therefore a matter of pointing out investment opportunities not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. These are promising technologies on the one hand, but also very concrete projects such as our stake in Maximus Terra Holding, which is driving the construction of photovoltaic parks in Southern Europe.

Real Estate

Also the market for residential and industrial estate is profiting from the encouraging trends in the German economy, with the associated influx of many employees and students from abroad. In response to the high demand, the developments on the real estate market are undergoing a highly dynamic evolution, and investment volumes are peaking at record levels. For quite some time now we have been training our sights not only on inner city locations in the Top 7 cities, but increasingly also on specially selected B cities and A city environs. The attractions are the stable home and office rents, and therefore the high, and above all stable ROI.


In addition to our involvement in the real estate segment, we are now increasingly investing our capacities in the development of investment potential in companies. The focus lies on medium-sized companies and hidden champions with sustainable business models and production processes. These investments enable our partners to shape Europe's economy in the long term and to accelerate the transformation process towards clean production and energy generation processes.

Companies are increasingly talking about sustainability. In most cases, sustainability is understood as a pure environmental program. We understand sustainability to be something else: a solid, diversified portfolio of attractive corporate investments as well as residential and commercial real estate, whose potential is exploited by sustainable asset management. DWH will observe and respect the increasingly important socio-economic norms.

We must do business that is fair to all parties involved - because only such business will work in the long term.